How you can grow an amazing beard using beard butter

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If your goal is to create the most amazing beard out there then beard butter is a product you should look into. Beard butter is an option when you want more conditioning and moisturizing than beard oil. It’s very useful if you have a longer thicker beard. It penetrates deeper into the hair and scalp that’s helpful for men with a fuller beard. That’s not saying it can’t be used for you with a shorter beard. Beard butter is also packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals that is amazing for the skin and hair. If you're serious about your beard care then beard butter is a game-changer. 
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What Is It?

Beard butter is a combination of cosmetic butter and oils that provides deep moisturizing and conditioning to the beard. It is also used as a styling agent that helps make the beard tame and manageable with a light to medium hold. It is a thick buttery consistency that is solid at room temperature but melts when you apply it. 

What’s In It?

The most important part of beard butter is the ingredients. Cosmetic butter is rich in nutrients for your skin and hair. They are great at providing moisture and also allowing the hair to be conditioned and tamed. Beard butter will create a rich conditioning effect for your hair while providing shine and manageability. It is also easier to apply than beard oil.
Beard butter is made by combining cosmetics butter with oils. For our beard butter, we use premium butter and oils that you won’t find in most standard beard butter. Our beard butter is formulated to be highly conditioning and moisturizing but non-greasy. We use mango butter as our base due to its ability to be highly moisturizing without being greasy. Next, kokum butter is added for its ability to heal the skin, anti-aging properties, promote beard growth and great for sensitive skin. Babassu oil is a light oil from Brazil that is great at moisturizing the hair and adding volume without being greasy and heavy. Other oils and butter that are included are cocoa butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and vitamin e oil. These are premium butters and oils that aren’t included in most beard products out there. 

The Benefits 

Beard butter will give your beard deeper conditioning and moisturizing than beard oil. The butter is better at locking in moisture and also has additional benefits such as healing and antibacterial (kokum butter) properties. They are packed with nutrients that needed to maintain a growing healthy beard. Beard butter is especially great for longer beards that need more moisture and conditioning than they can get from beard oil. If you’re serious about your beard and want to create the best conditions for growing an awesome mane, then beard butter is something you need to add to your beard grooming routine. 
What many forget is that there’s skin under the beard, and that also needs to be taken care of. Beard butter with its nutrient-packed butter and oils will help create good skin conditions that will promote beard growth. 

How To Apply Beard Butter 

The best way to use beard butter is daily after you have washed your beard or showered, but you can apply to a dry beard as well. Take a dime-size amount and work it into your beard until the beard butter is evenly worked throughout the hair. Style as you wish. It will give a light to medium hold. Our beard butter is formulated to be fast-sinking and non-greasy, meaning the beard butter will rub fast into your skin and hair, and won’t have a lasting oily feel on your face and hands. 
The benefit of applying beard butter on a wet beard is that it locks in the moisture from the water. This gives even a better moisturizing and conditioning effect to your beard. If you don’t wash your beard, even wetting it a little before applying beard butter will produce better results.
Something to add: Beard butter isn’t a replacement for your beard oil, you can use it alongside it. Beard oil is great for providing moisture, but beard butter gives even more benefits. The best way to combine beard oil and beard butter is to add a little beard oil to your beard, and then rub in the beard butter to lock in the moisture. 
If you want to go to the next level with your beard care, beard butter is t a great option for your beard grooming routine. If you are having issues with a dry beard, dry skin, irritation, and beard dandruff, or just want a healthier and fuller beard you can’t go wrong with a quality beard butter. Our Havana Beard Butter is made with natural premium butter and oils, a great scent, it’s nongreasy, and makes your beard look like the beard it was always made to be!

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