Dapper Guru Joins OSD's Veteran Support Ecosystem™

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Dapper Guru joins OSD's Veteran Support Ecosystem™. OSD is a nonprofit whose mission is to enable veterans to thrive through community engagement. Since 2010, OSD’s Veteran Support Ecosystem has impacted over 1,000,000 veterans, active military and their family members through award-winning programs emphasizing Social Connectivity, Professional Development, and Community Service.
Dapper Guru will support the Veteran Support Ecosystem™ by contributing a percentage of sales to OSD, as well as directly supporting veterans as they transition from military life to civilian life.
Dapper Guru was created by Robert Marshall, a veteran who wanted to make an impact through craftsmanship. While working with his hands, Robert discovered how rewarding and purposeful he had become which led to a smoother transition from military life into the civilian world.
Joining OSD's Veteran Support Ecosystem™ aligns with Dapper Guru's most important value of “doing good.” We do good by providing exceptional products that enhance the lives of our customers. Being apart of the Veteran Support Ecosystem™ allows us to further enhance that value by helping to do good in the lives of our nation’s veteran population and further encourage those that support these men and women. When you make a purchase on our site or at one of our shops, you will be directly supporting our nation's warfighters, veterans and their family members.
To learn more about OSD visit: WeAreOSD.org

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