"Very pleased with the shave soap. Smells awesome. does not bother my skin like the store bought crap. Its handmade and the quality shows it. I have even been using it as washing soap on occasion. Shipping was very fast and the packaging is even nice. They go the extra mile to make sure the customer knows they are appreciated. I don't shave often, but when I do this is now my go to product. The wife even uses it and loves it. Waiting for them to develop a beard oil, balm or conditioner. Cant wait." -Scott

"When I opened the soap an aroma came out of the packaging that transported me to a beach in Havana. As a person who shaves his entire head I spend a lot of time wielding a razor so I demand a lot of my shave products. As stated earlier the smell immediately drew me in. Everything was securely yet minimally packaged to reduce waste.

My first shower using the soap was excellent. It provided for a thick yet impossibly slick lather that allowed for a smooth shave and effortless cleaning of my Gillette razor.

After my shave my head was smooth as butter and I was using a blade toward the ends of its usefulness. I will be back for more DG products. I also love that I am supporting a veteran owned small business.
" -James