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Tired of Starting Your Day with a Bad Shave?

Shaving should not be a chore. It should be a relaxing part of your morning
routine. This requires the right selection of shaving gear – including premium
shave soaps.

You will not find the answer on store shelves. Those cheap soaps and shaving
foams often leave your skin itchy and irritated. They could be the primary
cause of your razor bumps, redness, or ingrown hairs.
If you want a better shaving experience, you need to give your skin the best.

How Can You Obtain a Better Shave?

For a smoother shave, your face needs Shave Soaps that are carefully
handcrafted using only the best natural ingredients and essential oils.
    Moisturize your skin to avoid irritation
    Lift whiskers to prevent ingrown hairs
     Protect your skin against bumps and redness
    Easy to use with travel-friendly packaging
    Original scents from the use of natural ingredients

      That is exactly what you get with Premium Shave Soaps from Dapper Guru. Choose from hard or soft shave soaps.

      The glycerin-based hard shave soaps can be used like a regular soap – for a
      quick and easy shave. If you enjoy a traditional shave – shop our selection of
      soft shave soaps. Apply a thick, smooth lather using a shave brush.
      All our products come in travel-friendly containers – perfect for guys on the go.
      You always get a smooth shave, without irritation and soap that will not clog up
      your razors.

      Handcrafted in Washington, DC and quickly shipped to your door. Get ready for
      the ultimate choice for modern shaving.