Ingredient Spotlight: Cupuacu Butter

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Great ingredients are the backbone of any great product. At Dapper Guru, we are always searching for the best products that help you look your best.

One of the ingredients that we are very excited about is Cupuacu Butter. I know I know I have a hard time pronouncing it as well. It’s a fantastic cosmetic butter that comes from the tropical Amazon forest regions of Brazil. It is packed with rich nutrients that help dry, damaged skin and hair. It is commonly referred to as vegetable lanolin due to its ability to moisturize, similar to lanolin.

How We Use It:

Beard hair tends to be dry and coarse. We need moisture and hydration to grow fully healthy beards. That’s where Cupuacu butter comes in.

Cupuacu butter can attract 240% more water. We use it in our Havana Beard Balm to draw moisture to the beard and hair. It helps the hair to become softer and fuller. It locks in moisture as well, so it’s great to use after washing your beard while it’s still damp.

Where does our Cupuacu butter come from:

Here at Dapper Guru, we are dedicated to sourcing high-quality, sustainable resources. Our Cupuacu butter comes from Belem, Brazil, through The Better Butters company.

Products using Cupuacu butter:

Havana Beard Balm

Cupuacu Butter

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